5 Easy Swaps to Get More Protein at Breakfast

To get the greatest benefit from protein intake, it is recommended to spread protein throughout the day with meals and snacks. It seems many individuals do great with meeting their protein needs at lunch and dinner, but have a harder time getting in the recommended amount of protein at breakfast. Here are 5 simple swaps you can make to help increase the protein content of your breakfast.

Add Protein at Breakfast
  1. Swap Your Yogurt – Switching to Greek Yogurt is a quick and easy way to add protein to your morning routine. Greek yogurt contains ~21 grams of protein per cup, while regular yogurt has ~7 grams of protein.
    • Just making this simple swap to your yogurt will add 14 grams of protein to your breakfast – definitely a power packed substitution!
  2. Swap Your Milk – Try an ultra-filtered milk, such as Fairlife® or HEB Mootopia®. When milk is ultra-filtered, it removes the lactose from the milk and concentrates both the protein and calcium content of the beverage.
    • A cup of regular milk has 8 grams of protein, while a cup of ultra-filtered milk has 13 grams of protein. As an added bonus the ultra-filtered milk is lactose free (for those who are sensitive to lactose) and has more calcium. Definitely a win all around!
  3. Swap Your Breakfast Cereal – Look for breakfast cereals that include protein – some of my favorites include: Kashi GO® Crunch (9 grams of protein per serving), Kellogg’s® Special K® Protein Cereal (15 grams of protein per serving). and the new CLIF® Breakfast Cereals (8 grams of protein per serving).
    • Enjoy your cereal with one of the ultra-filtered milks mentioned above and you can easily meet your protein needs at breakfast with a bowl of cereal!
  4. Swap Your Breakfast Sausage – Switching from pork breakfast sausage to turkey breakfast sausage is a great way to increase the protein content of your breakfast and decrease the saturated fat content at the same time.
    • A serving of turkey sausage (2 patties) contains ~13 grams of protein and 2.5 grams of saturated fat, compared to pork sausage which contains ~8 grams of protein and 9 grams of saturated fat. If you are doubtful that you will like turkey sausage – give it a try – I have found most people don’t notice much of a difference in taste!
  5. Swap Your Pancake Mix – I love the new, higher protein pancake, waffle, and muffin mixes that are becoming available in the marketplace. Kodiak Cakes® pancakes have ~14 grams of protein per serving and come in a great variety of flavors – including pumpkin flax! If you don’t want to make the pancakes in the morning, you can also buy premade Kodiak Cakes® pancakes and waffles on the freezer aisle. Krusteaz® also has a variety of high protein pancake and muffin mixes that are great!

Next time you are at the store, grab some of these higher protein options to try. Hope you enjoy the protein-packed start to the day!

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