Make the Most of Half-Time Snacks

If you compete in a sport that has a half-time break, this is the ideal opportunity to not only strategize for the second half, but to rehydrate and refuel as well. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy our bodies use for fuel. Using the half-time break to help replenish depleted carbohydrates stores can make a difference in the energy you have to expend at the end of the game. Orange slices, grapes, dried fruit, or a low-fat granola bar can provide your body with some quick energy for the second half.

Focusing on hydration during half-time is also a must. Dehydration can impact concentration, strength, power, and speed – all of which are needed on the playing field. Use the half-time break to hydrate with water or a sports drink that has added carbohydrates and electrolytes. Eating a salty snack, such as pretzels, can help stimulate thirst and replace sodium lost in sweat.

If you are looking for some half-time snack ideas, either for yourself, or to pack for your child’s game, check-out the handout below.

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