Getting Started – With One Step

It seems the hardest part for many individuals in making changes to their lifestyle is taking the first step. If you are a competitive athlete, you may feel that you can do better with your diet – but your schedule is so busy you don’t know where to begin. Or you may be focused on improving your diet for health-related reasons, but it seems it is never the right time to get started. So, the desire to eat better, move more, improve your sleep gets put off…until…later. Let me tell you, if you put something off long enough, you start to accept the status quo and those desired changes never occur.

So, where do you begin? My recommendation – take one step. Maybe you can commit to eating breakfast daily, or packing a snack to have as part of your recovery nutrition game plan, or getting 30-minutes more sleep a night…the options are limitless! The step you take to improve your nutrition game plan may differ from the step another person takes…and that is ok! We are all unique, with different lifestyle habits – what may work great for one individual may not work well for another. The key is to take a step that takes you closer to achieving your goals and make a commitment to take that one step daily.

Trying to completely change your nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle habits can be overwhelming, but taking one step is doable. So my question for you is, what step will you take?

Having trouble determining what steps you should take to help you reach your nutrition goals? Schedule a consultation with Mandy so you can work together to create a plan that fits into your lifestyle.

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